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Oct. 14th, 2005 @ 07:16 pm
Erica Blumberg finally graduated NYU in 2008, setting on her Political Science Major. She then continued onto Harvard Law, and graduated second in her class. She is currently a Representitve in the House for the state of Connecticut, and the youngest member ever from the state of CT. She is happily married to her long time on and off lover, Brendon (A drummer she met at a concert) They have a daughter, Bianca, who is 6 months old.
Brendon and Erica have been happily married since June 8, 2009.
Erica never found her mom.

my boys Sep. 11th, 2005 @ 10:21 am
College life is freakin sweet.
I forgot how much crazy and fun it can be.
I love my boys.
you guys freaking rock.
I'm starting to notice it again.
girls start all this dramadramadrama.
and I'm not a big fan of that.
Nikki was flipping out because she got a DUI.
but thats what happens when you drink and drive.
and then i had to cover Derek and Justin and Rickys ass.
fagels decided to crash a party and then egg a house.
jared you fagel
you shoulda just lied to nikki.
stop being gay.
but then again,
i guess we proved you weren't gay
even though you did say
"whatever you do to me, I'll do to Derek"
that could have gotten wierd.
but it didn't.
and i love my boys.
I totally crashed with them last night.
boys are so much less drama.
i love my boys.

thanks for scaring the crap out of me. Jul. 8th, 2005 @ 10:16 am
Text messaging is a friggin genius idea. no joke.
I couldn't get through to andy on the phone, so i sent him a text.

Me: Andy plz tell me that ur ok.
Andy: Yes thx I just missed the KX tube bomb by a few mins. Andy x

I love that kid to death.

the whole bombing thing pisses me off still. But I finally got a call from him. Those international prices are gunna be a bitch, but i'll deal. It was just so good to hear him. He said that people are back to using the tubes again to try to get to work. which is great. Its just like the post 9/11 atmosphere. They've had a few incidents where they've removed packages and such, but nothing major has happened. We talked for like an hour. It was nice to hear him. nice to know for a fact that he was okay. Niccy's lucky to have a guy like that.
Current Mood: relievedrelieved
Current Music: don'tcha - pussycat dolls

numbers Jul. 7th, 2005 @ 01:53 pm
37 dead
700 injured
0 phone calls from Andy.

london Jul. 7th, 2005 @ 11:28 am
I dont' knwo what to say. I tried a bit of venting in a post on the board, not sure if thats helpign any. im worried. i can't think. i want this to be a dream.

breathe erica. breathe. bite your lip. things will be okay. Andy is fine.

I'm jsut so cold. And Iv'e got goosebumps all over. and i can't stop shaking. I want this to be a dream. I want it to be so badly.

I can't deal with this shit again. I honestly can't. He needs to be okay. He will be okay. I think. I hope. This really makes me wonder "whats next". I'm so friggin cold. I'm worried. I need to run. That will clear my head. I hope.

except I can't move. I'm sitting here, and i keep looking at my phone, waiting for something to happen. it will happen. it will ring. andy will call me. or andy will call niccy and she'll call me. why the fuck is this happening again?
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» crapppp because I'm bored
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» *Napoleonish* Yessssssss
I am not totally lame. I got someone to go to the concert with me! Go Erica, its ya birthday...haha. no now that was me getting lame. Pete said hes interested. If he'll follow through and go, thats a totally different story. But whatever. Atleast theres a possibility that someone will come with me and I wont have to drive up to hartford alone. Not like its a far drive, but whatever.

I was driving with Kate yesterday and we friggin blew my speakers. I'm so pissed. I've got to get new ones in...like NOW. You don't know how I'm dying without my nice speakers, but then again, I was waiting for something like this to happen to put in some suuuubs. mmmm. How hot is that? I've been drooling over a set of these 12 inch subwoofers for a while now, and now I have the perfect excuse to put them in.

You know what else? We need someone like Brand New to come to the area. I would die. mmmmm. That would be friggin perfect.
» Here I go again
So I haven't written in this thing for a while. so here goes an entry.

So I was sitting on the train on my way back home, and I noticed the people. Not just looked at them, I noticed them And it made me think. What if this woman sitting right next to me was Allison Stiller. My mother. Given, somebody had called her Rebecca, but still. How do I know that someone here isn't my mother. That they're not my father. I don't know.

I'm kinda glad to be coming back home. I mean, sure, I'll miss the crowded streets, the pickpockets, the stations that smell like puke and rotton food and piss, but theres just something about the city that I love. I don't know.

I went out to see a show last night with Lindsay. It was a good way to end my stay in New York. Only a few months and then I'm back at school. I'll probably change my major about another 20 times before the end of this next year. Right now I'm an theatre Major, with a minor in political science but I'm not sure if this one will last too long. Who knows. I really need to make up my mind though, or I'll never be through with college.
» New Dorm
Yesterday I moved into the dorm here at NYU. I'm lucky enough to have gotten a single room. On the upside, that means that I get privacy, I can keep my room as messy or as clean as I want, and no nosy visitors will disturb me when I don't want company. On the other hand, it is kind of lonely and I'd have to work twice as hard to get to know people. It's a little harder when you don't have an instant friend (or enemy) right in your own room.

NYU is amazing. The buildings, the atmosphere, the people I see walking around. . . it's hard not to get excited at the thought of spending the next four years here. Maybe I'd even live here after college. Who knows?
» Home Sweet Home
Well, I'm back in home swet home in Stoneybrook after a long summer spent in Florida with my parents and my younger brother. I had a great time. My grandparents (Mom's parents) have a beautiful house down there, with an ocean view and the weather was beautiful every day, with only a few rainy days. I'm so dark now! I never was much for laying out in the sun and catching skin cancer, but it seems like when you're in Florida, you can't help getting tanned, even if you aren't trying to. Oh well.

Now I'm back, and soon I'll be starting my freshman year at NYU, which is why I decided to start this journal. I want to keep track of where my life is going. I guess it's amazing, but I've never kept a journal before. I've never been good at writing down my thoughts and feelings. But this will be more like a diary--the sequence of events. I'm sure I'll have some very interesting events happening once I get to college. In New York City! It's a place so far from Stoneybrook. Maybe not geographically, but culturally, it might as well be another world. A world that I'm excited to be entering.

I admit, I do have other things on my mind besides my dorm and schoolbooks and classes. My parents. Not my adoptive parents, but my real parents. I don't know anything about them. Nothing except their names. I discovered them when I was thirteen, searching through my mother's closet one day. (Okay, yes, I admit I was looking for any documentation. But I didn't think I'd really find any.) Alison Stiller and Jonathan Gardener. I was too upset then, to really pursue the chase. And I couldn't do it on my own anyway. But now that I've turned eighteen, all the legal doors are open. I can search however I want. I can have access to anything I want. And I think I'm finally mature enough now to sit down and face the truth and what might have happened to them, and why I was put up for adoption. It's a mystery that I desperately want solved.

Alison Stiller. What was she like? What was my mother like? Where is she now?

I hope I can find out.
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